When is the Best Time to Take HGH ?

Best Time to Take HGH

   You are probably wondering , When is the best time to take HGH? It is important to first understand the nature of this “ Master Hormone”. HGH, or human growth hormone, also known as somatotropin or just GH, is a hormone produced by the pituitary gland in the brain. This hormone is in charge of aging in our body as it regenerates tissues for growth and cells. During the youth years HGH secretion is at its peak. Then after the ages of 18 to 25  Growth Hormone levels decrease by 50 percent every seven years according to the Life Extension Foundation.

The best time to take HGH is after you wake up.The best time to take HGH will mostly depend on your individual situation, as HGH injections are totally absorbed in the bloodstream within 3 hours . The body produces naturally HGH throughout  the day, with the heaviest secretion  taking place  2-3 hours after going to bed as you fall into deep sleep.

People in the age group between early 30’s and early 50’s that are dosing once a day can also benefit from injectable HGH use. However, in some cases the natural production of Growth hormone still at a reasonable level. Clinical studies have shown that for this age group the best time to take HGH would be early in the morning. The reason for this is that after a good night sleep your body has released on its own HGH. Taking HGH injections after you wake up provide the most benefits during the day, as one becomes more active , metabolism accelerates, and cells keep regenerating. If you are taking HGH injections in 2 doses it is bet to take the injections when  you awake and early afternoon. this is when cortisol levels are at peak. Hence taking your dosage of HGH injections at these times will bring the most benefits. It is also important lo lower the intake of carbohydrates before any injectable HGH use.

HGH injection before going to bedFor people in the age group of  50’s and above , the best time to take HGH injections would be right before going to bed. Human Growth Hormone deficiency in older adults can cause a condition in the pituitary gland making it impotent to normal Growth Hormone release. By taking injectable HGH before going to bed you are mimicking the natural secretion patter pattern that would occur if the pituitary gland was in normal function.

Take HGH Safely

Be aware that if you are younger than mid fifties , injecting HGH before bed can create non desired results in sleeping patterns.The body is already naturally secreting on its own Growth Hormone, so there's no reason to disrupt this cycle. The best time to take HGH will be dicided by your dorctor depending on your necessity Weight the options for the best time to take HGH. As it will influence the results you will achieve from HGH therapy. Make sure you are using and appropriate HGH dosage for your age, as overdosing HGH may hinder your experience with end results known as side effects. Take advantage of the numerous benefits of HGH injections by using it safely. Decide whats the best time to take HGH for you.